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I love to write so you don't have to pretend that you do

As a fellow sunless sis who runs her own bronze business, I know how much time and energy writing content for social media, your website and other marketing outlets can take up. 

I mean really, we all have so many hats to wear as it is, that it's easy to push off writing content, especially if you're not inspired to do so in the first place!


Luckily, all of us have different passions and strengths.


My strength (one of them, at least) is writing. I f’ing love to write. And I particularly love to write content for the sunless industry.

Your content should make your audience feel like they're reading a note from their best friend

As your sunless copywriter I will help you...

Speak to your audience in a way that builds the know-like-trust factor

Free up time so that you can focus on the activities in your beauty biz that you truly love to do
Stay consistent with content creation so that you stay top of mind to your audience 


Gone are the days that you think to yourself... 

“I haven’t posted to social media in x amount of days”

“I don’t even know what to post”

“I hate having to write content”

"I want to start a blog, but I feel like I don't have the time"

You’re sick of having to spend hours thinking up ideas on what to post to Facebook and Instagram and still coming up with nothing

You want to step up your marketing and consistently post content that makes people listen and relate to what you’re saying

You'd rather focus on the other aspects of you business because your online marketing makes you feel stressed AF

We should chat if...



Fragile Pampas


I could not recommend Kelsey LaVergne more. If you need a content writer give this woman your $$!

Beige decoration


I just got done reading the first one and it is perfection. You are amazingggg



I hired Kelsey LaVergne and she's changed my social media presence big time!!! I've also had a crap ton of clients come to me commenting on what's been written and how they love the knowledge that's being share on my sm. If you need help writing captions/blogs hire this girl right here I HIGHLY RECOMMEND


Okay, Bestie!...

I heard you


I’ve processed your bronze biz wants

I know you feel the need for some help with your content writing


And I also understand that being a small business owner, like myself, it’s important to be choosey with where you put your hard earned money


GIRL.. I know you are out here working hard and chasing those dreams

And I’m proud of you for the hustle… (you should be proud of yourself too.. BTW!)


With all of that in mind, I wanted to come up with an offer that would fit your needs on a more budget-friendly basis


Because I LOVE what I do.. 


And one of the most rewarding parts of what I do is getting the messages from my fellow sunless artist clients telling me that they love what I’ve written for them


Or that I was able to write exactly what they wanted to say, but couldn’t put into words themselves

That gives me LIFE!


So, if I’m able to help more of you accomplish that and feel that same way, in my opinion, we're all winning


That’s why I’ve put together the Bronze Writer Membership


A monthly membership on an affordable scale that allows small sunless biz owners, like yourself, get content ideas and social media copy sent right to your inbox, ready for you to customize!


2 written-for-you, customizable social posts 


10 content topics with descriptions & examples


1 actionable monthly marketing tip for sunless biz owners

So you're probably thinking.. "that's exactly what I need, but what's the cost!?

Bronze Writer Membership Monthly Cost: $49


Instagram Captions

Blog Posts

Website Copy

Email Newsletters

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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